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One Health is the collaborative effort of multiple disciplines working locally, nationally, and globally to attain sustainable optimal health for the ecosystem*. It is a cultural and behavioral concept with socioeconomic elements and impact.

*a biological community of living organisms (humans, animals, plants, and microbes) and their physical environment interacting as a system

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Healthy Pet, Healthy You!

From physical exams and vaccinations to nutrition and exercise, our pets' health needs are remarkably similar to our own!  In this video, Dr. Stickney describes important aspects of pet h...


Don’t let the bugs bite: Our battle against the microbes that want to eat us!

Our bodies are at a constant battle with the microbial world around us.  How do we stay healthy with these persistent invaders? What defense systems are in place? Watch Dr. Ian Tizard's l...


One World – One Health: Texas A&M Initiative Unites Human, Animal, Plant And Environmental Health

Original article posted at ― It is said that no man is an i...


Texas A&M Focuses On Interdisciplinary Cooperation To Achieve “One Health”

A recent article was published by Texas A&M University featuring One Health Initiative. Read the article >> 


Unusual Antibodies in Cows Suggest New Ways to Make Therapies for People

COLLEGE STATION, TX - Humans have been raising cows for their meat, hides and milk for millennia. Now it appears that the cow immune system also has something to offer. A study of an extraordi...

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