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One Health Explores Opportunities with China

Originally posted in the September 2016 Dean's Corner. View the original article here.

In August 2016, a delegation of scientists from the Institute of Animal Health (IAH) in the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Guangdong, China visited the Texas A&M One Health Initiative team to explore future collaborative research and educational opportunities.

The IAH delegation has been funded by the Guangdong Province for three years to facilitate international research and education exchanges between China and the United States. The IAH delegation also has a long history studying transmission, diagnostics, and control of animal diseases.

The research focus of the colleagues who visited the CVM is swine and poultry diseases, including several zoonotic diseases. The aim of IAH’s first year of funding is to meet colleagues from different institutions and identify potential partners and collaborative areas. In the second year of funding, the IAH will propose potential projects with research teams who are ready to address One Health disease challenges and societal needs.

For more information on the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, click here.

Photos: From left is Associate Professor Mingfei Sun (IAH), Professor Guan Zhu (TAMU VTPB, CVM) and TAMU collaborator, Professor Rosina (Tammi) Krecek (Interim Assistant Dean of One Health, and Visiting Professor VTPB), Professor and IAH Director Zhihong Xu, Professor Chunling Li (IAH) and Professor Jianfeng Zhang (IAH).