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Serving International Communities through Pathology

Recently, Dr. Corrie Brown DVM, PhD, DACVP from the University of Georgia (UGA, CVM) College of Veterinary Medicine’s Department of Pathology visted the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedial Sciences. She serves as a professor of anatomic pathology at UGA CVM and has extensive experience in international infectious disease programs. Dr. Brown’s research interests include pathogenesis of disease in food-producing animals, emerging diseases, and diagnostic infrastructure in developing countries. In 2013, Dr. Brown was awarded the XIIth International Veterinary Congress Prize from the American Veterinary Medical Association for her teaching of livestock globally. She has worked with over 30 countries through workshops teaching diagnostic techniques and field necropsy.

The Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Pathology Club and the Texas A&M One Health Initiative co-hosted her seminar “Lesions and Lessons from Around the World” on April 4, 2016.  Dr. Brown’s interactive presentation focused on zoonotic and normal animal disease pathology lesions, specifically zoonotic diseases in Middle Eastern countries.  Chloe Goodwin, Pathology Club President, introduced Dr. Brown and assisted in facilitation of the seminar. When asked about the seminar, Chloe said "Dr. Brown is an incredible speaker who shows how veterinary medicine plays a role in public health and One Health across the globe. She inspires me to use my knowledge and skills in a way that serves animals and people in communities inside and out of the United States.” Throughout her visit at Texas A&M, Dr. Brown interacted with students and faculty at all levels a nd sparked conversations about improving the health of animals and therefore advancing human health and well-being.

Photo courtesy of Esmond Choueke.

Corrie Brown