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One Health is the collaborative effort of multiple disciplines working locally, nationally, and globally to attain sustainable optimal health for the ecosystem*. It is a cultural and behavioral concept with socioeconomic elements and impact.

*a biological community of living organisms (humans, animals, plants, and microbes) and their physical environment interacting as a system


The Student One Health Association (SOHA) is open to all Texas A&M undergraduate, graduate and professional students. This association seeks to provide students with knowledge and understanding of One Health. Various opportunities throughout the year are provided to get students working together.

SOHAOur Vision

Professionals knowledgeable about the human-animal-environment interface and prepared to address problems comprehensively through collaboration.

Our Mission

To expose students to local, national, and global challenges that affect humans, animals, and the environment and provide students with the opportunity to learn to address these challenges together through study and service.