Educational Programs

Professor lecturing a classCreating interdisciplinary learning opportunities is essential to educating the next generation of scientists, public servants, and thought leaders. Seminar seriesbiosecurity workshops, outbreak simulation exercises, and multidisciplinary courses are just some of the ways Global One Health engages the future champions of One Health.

Next Generation Global Health Security Network Seminar Series

In Spring 2018, Texas A&M Global One Health began the Next Generation Global Health Security Network Seminar Series. The series is meant to bring students and faculty across campus together with Global Health Security professionals to explore the many ways their current and future careers can make an impact in the realms of global health and health security.

One Health Courses

Current course offerings that employ a One Health approach include:

One Health Learning Community

The One Health Learning Community is a unique educational opportunity that brings together freshman undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds to introduce the concept of One Health and provide a focused, high-impact series of exposures to the disciplines that interact within the framework of One Health.

Outbreak: A One Health Field Investigation

Student on field investigationEach summer, five Texas A&M University DVM, PhD, Md, or MPH graduate students are selected to join a cohort of 15 students embarking on a four-week experiential course. The students will travel across Texas from Texas A&M University in College Station to University of Texas in the Rio Grande Valley to University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston and will work together to learn how to address the complex problems facing human, animal, and environmental health. The course includes:

  • Veterinary health and zoonotic diseases
  • Wildlife biology and vector dynamics
  • Public health and epidemiological methods
  • Fieldwork and specimen collection/analysis
  • Molecular diagnostics and countermeasure development
  • Biosafety and biosecurity
  • Clinical skills and reasoning
  • Outbreak evaluation and response
  • Socio-ecological systems thinking and political ecology

For more information and to apply for summer 2018, visit here.

Aggies in Thailand: Summer Study Abroad Opportunity

Feed, bathe, and care for elephants at a world-renowned elephant sanctuary. Spend a week at the beach snorkeling or scuba diving and restoring local biodiversity. This month-long course visits a different location each week to explore Global One Health challenges. You’ll experience Thai food and culture, work with elephants and other species, and restore local coral reefs at a sea turtle sanctuary. You’ll then focus on public health (track 1) or strengthen your veterinary clinical skills (track 2) through a community development project in a rural village. For more information, visit here or follow along on Facebook.