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Scowcroft Institute Pandemic Preparedness & Biosecurity Policy Program White Papers

May 2019: Pandemic Preparedness Cover
March 2017: Growing Threat of Pandemics Cover
May 2018: Global Leadership at a Crossroads cover
May 2019 Community Resilience, Centralized Leadership, & Multi-Sectoral Collaboration Cover
Cover of May 2020 White Paper Titled Pandemic Preparedness and Response in the Age of Technology [graphic illustration of coronavirus]

One Health Specific

Preparing society to create the world we need through ‘One Health’ education
Commentary by Lueddeke, G.R., Kaufmann, G.E. Kahn, L.H.,Krecek, R.C.,Willingham, A.L., Stroud, C.M., Lindenmayer, J.M, Kaplan, B., Conti, L.A., Monath, T.P. and Woodall, J.

Texas A&M University’s New Roads into One Health
Rosina Krecek, H. Michael Chaddock, Merrideth Holub, Ruth Bush, Seth Sullivan, and Eleanor Green

“Academic Veterinary Medicine and One Health Education: It is more than clinical applications”
Commentary by H. Michael Chaddock

“One Health: A Compelling Convergence”
T Samuel Shomaker, MD, JD, Eleanor M Green, DVM, and Suzanne M Yandow, MD

“The Contribution of Bioinformatics to One Health
Commentary by Duane A Steward, Rosina C Krecek, H. Michael Chaddock, Julie M. Green, and Lisa A. Conti

Attitudes and Motivations of Owners Who Enroll Pets in Pet Life-Care Centers
William E. Davis, Joshua A. Hicks, Christine L. Foster, Meredith K. Holub, Rosina C. Krecek, & Audra W. Richburg. May 8, 2018.

Let’s Break the Pork Tapeworm (Taenia solium) Cycle.
Designed, developed and produced by Rosina C. Krecek (Principal Researcher) for the United States Agency for International Development Project Final Report: An epidemiological study on porcine cysticercosis in an emerging farming area in South Africa, March 2, 2005 (Grant Contract number: PIL-S09AG-674-0326-06).

Brucellosis remains a neglected disease in the developing world: a call for interdisciplinary action
K.A. Franc, R.C. Krecek, B.N. Hasler and A.M. Arenas-Gamboa